Roundlapse 60 [ラウンドラプス60]

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 Roundlapse 60 [ラウンドラプス60] 











These products are the accessories for taking a
time lapse movie (slow-speed photography). By using a flowering fern for power,
the goods of a light weight and budget prices were able to be made. Although
there is no accuracy like the electric camera platform of a motor drive, a
photograph can be taken always anywhere freely.

The feature of a product (1)The energy-saving design of battery needlessness The drive system is a flowering fern type. (2)Arbitrary photography time is chosen. It turns around a maximum of 300 angles in 60 minutes. The photography time of liking can be set to reference for the printed number. * Revolving speed is unchangeable.   (3)The photography which piles up two or more these products is possible. This product can raise revolving speed with piling up. When two pieces are piled up, 600 angles become in 60 minutes and rotation of 360 angles is attained in 36 minutes. The tripod screw is attached to the top part of the body, and the tripod hole (1/4-inch camera screw)  is attached to the lower part of the body. (4)Practical use as a slow-speed turntable This product can be used also as a simple slow-speed turntable. Please enjoy bloom scene photography of a flower, etc. (5)Small size, a lightweight and strong body The amount of withstand loads of 5 kg was realized with a 320-g lightweight body. Active photography also supports you firmly.


・Although it is the specification which can bear the weight of a maximum of 5 kg, when the center of gravity of the thing which put shifts from the center of a top rotation part, it may not turn even around the weight of 5 kg or less. If 5 kg is carried, rotational Speed may become slow somewhat.
・I recommend you to use this product in the level state.
・Since a result of a time lapse movie will be affected if a focus, ISO, shutter speed, a white balance, and an iris diaphragm change at every photography, I recommend you to set up a focus and photography mode by a manual.
・Since the camera rotated, after checking safety, such as the center of gravity, all over the districts   Please begin photography.



回転精度       最大 10%程度
 Rotational accuracy Maximum About 10%
設定方向       時計周り
 Setting direction Circumference of a clock
動作方向       反時計周り
 Direction of operation Circumference of an anti-clock
回転トルク      4.5kg-cm以下
 Running torque 4.5 or less kg-cm
強制反復耐久力    5000回以上
 Compulsive repetition durability    5000 times or more
寸法           120mm(W) ×約84mm(D) × 約55mm(H)
 Size 120 mm (W) x 84 mm (D) x 55 mm (H)
重量           320g
 Weight 320g
耐荷重量          水平時 約5kg
 The amount of withstand loads Level   About 5 kg
生産国            日本製(made in japan)
 Made in Japan
本体 アルミダイキャスト製
 Main part
 Product made from aluminum die-casting
上部回転部 アルミ削り出し
 Top rotation part
 Carry out aluminum shaving appearance.





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